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Did you know that your teeth can now be cleaned with ultrasonic vibrations, using ultrasonic scalers? These instruments actually vibrate plaque and calculus off your teeth, even in areas below your gums, which are beyond the reach of ordinary scalers.

If you have a tendency to build up hard calculus or tartar on your teeth, then you may find this new method of cleaning particularly enjoyable. Most of our patients now demand to be cleaned with this new method since we leave their teeth feeling cleaner than ever before. These ultrasonic cleaners may not completely eliminate the need to use standard scalers, but they certainly reduce their use.

Do you have heavy stains on your teeth, or perhaps periodontal disease? If so, an ultrasonic cleaning may be just the treatment you need to embark on a new level of oral hygiene. We can now clean nicotine, coffee, tea and other stains better than ever before.

If your gums bleed, the reason is almost certainly that plaque and calculus have irritated the tissues and that your gingival will continue to bleed until the debris (hidden under your gums so you can't see it) is removed.

Before and AfterIf you have loose teeth or puffy and bleeding gums, wet can help you slow down the process of your condition with a thorough cleaning. We will be very happy to help you improve the health of your gums.

The teeth in the second photograph look smaller because of the extent of calculus (tartar), which was removed with ultrasonic scalers. They are the same teeth! The gums on the above teeth have receded several millimeters due to the chronic inflammation caused by this plaque and calculus.

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